Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction?

When man suffers from erectile dysfunction that means that he encountered some problems in the sexual sphere and his intimate intercourse with the partner is not successful.

There can be different reasons for this condition. It can occur because of stress or physical damage but no matter what the reason is the male problem affects the person negatively. It undermines his self esteem first of all. The feeling of male might is important for men, especially when he builds a relationship. Problems in sex can be ruining for relationship therefore this is the problem of the couple but with right treatment, understandable approach and patience of the partner it is possible to overcome such obstacles.

The problem of erectile dysfunction presents a serious concern for almost any man at some period of his life. With age the potential risk increases and can be aggravated by wrong lifestyle of man. Alcohol, cigarettes and lack of physical exercises are additional factors of risk. Men are prone to have sexual problems by the age of 50 and complete impotence is observed in every 6th man by the age of 70. The figures reveal horrible truth but, fortunately, medical preparations were invented that help men to fight this unpleasant condition.

Sexual arousal caused by either touch or thoughts of the person brings chemical changes in the organism of man and release of nitric oxide that follows as a result of it starts physical reaction. Electric impulse is sent through the nerves and secretion of nitric oxide entails relaxation of penile muscles, bringing ultimately to the erection.

One of the crucial things that determines the success of treatment is the right choice of medicine. The chemical components from ED pills may interact with substances contained in other medications if one takes some other treatment additionally. Read contraindications on the label before you begin taking pills to avoid the mistake. Even if you are very cautious you may not notice some potential hazards without medical education but with assistance of health care practitioner right medicine will be appointed. Usually Levitra, Viagra and Cialis are prescribed to the patients as they guarantee trouble-free healthy life.