Generic Cialis from India – a safe product for potency problems

Cialis has a similar effect to Viagra, but the duration of the effect is much longer. The active ingredient is absorbed very quickly and affects the smooth muscles located on the cavernous body. They relax, more blood begins to flow through them, thereby improving blood flow to the penis. As a result, the drug works for 36 hours! And this is an absolute record among other drugs.

Acetylcholine and nitric oxide promote blood flow to the penis. They are synthesized by the nervous system. Phosphodiesterase does so to reduce the production of the above substances as much as possible. This drug belongs to the inhibitors of FDE-5, and it blocks phosphodiesterase. At the same time, this medication is not an aphrodisiac. Therefore, arousal will come naturally and not from the use of generic Cialis. You cannot worry about the fact that sexual arousal will occur at an inopportune moment. After intercourse, the erection comes naturally. The best result for sexual activity occurs after 2 hours have passed since taking the pill.

Thanks to this drug, you get the necessary healthy erection needed to satisfy your partner. You acquire a lot of positive emotions and become more confident in all areas of life. Therefore, Cialis is taken if you are worried about such problems. Generic Cialis does not increase libido, but it treats erectile dysfunction.

Tadalafil has the same effect as the other drugs, Viagra and Levitra. The only difference is a longer half-life from the body. Therefore, the pills can be taken not an hour before sexual intimacy, but daily. This applies to patients with frequent sexual activity: the instruction states that in those patients who have sex more than twice a week, the reception can be daily. You can also do this: sex can be no later than 36 hours after the intake. This is the time period in which the drug is active, which is 10 times longer than Viagra. When taken daily, a dosage of 2.5 to 5 mg is recommended, regardless of meals.

Of course, Cialis on some days will be taken for nothing, but this is quite acceptable: after all, unplanned sex is also possible. With a daily intake, the dose is lower than with a single dose. As for patients who have sex much less frequently, tadalafil tablets can be taken just before intimacy, just as with Viagra. The instructions do not say anything about the duration of such a course of intake. However, it is clear that you cannot take it for many years in a row. There is only one way out: it is a consultation with a specialist because there are contraindications. In the case of a single dose, it is recommended at once 20 mg – this is the maximum single dose.

Contraindications for the drug are the same as for other representatives of these groups. It should not be taken by men who are generally prohibited from physical activity. After all, for a man, sex is, above all, a rise in blood pressure. Therefore, if you have hypertension, with symptomatic hypertension, the drug should not be taken. In addition, you cannot use Cialis in patients under 18 – years of age. Other contraindications to taking tadalafil will be:

• lactose deficiency;
• allergies, or hypersensitivity;
• the presence of chronic heart failure;
• arrhythmias that may be life-threatening;
• unstable angina pectoris, resting angina pectoris, or high functional class IBS;
• a heart attack or stroke that was less than 6 months ago.

Naturally, all of these contraindications are not because of the pills, we just increase the risk of another heart attack or stroke. The increasedrisk is due to increased physical activity.

Side effects, when using Indian generic Cialis, as well as its analogs, naturally occur: because FDE type five is found in many organs and tissues. According to studies and feedback from volunteers, the most frequent side effects were similar, of course, to those of Viagra, since they have a lot in common.

The pills most commonly caused:

• Tachycardia, or increased heart rate;
• Headache and dizziness;
• Blurred perception of vision, disturbed visual fields;
• The use of the medication often caused abdominal pain (often in more than 1% of subjects);

Allergic manifestations occurred occasionally, there were chest pains, and, alas – there was a long and already completely unnecessary erection.

What are generic medications?

Generics are drugs with proven pharmaceutical, biological, and therapeutic equivalence to the originator drug. That is, they have the same percentage of the active ingredient, dosage form, and efficacy as the original drug but do not have patent protection. The only differences may be in the composition of excipients and/or manufacturing technology.

India has a very developed pharmaceutical industry and many generics are produced. Generics allow for more rational use of the national budget allocated to health care. By reducing spending on expensive original drugs, the government can create a financial reserve to pay for expensive medical products, procedures, or services. Also, the use of generics has a positive impact on consumers because competition pushes innovative companies to create new, more advanced drugs and treatments.

What is generic Cialis? Cialis from India

Generic Cialis is exactly the same as the original drug – absolutely the same properties and compositions. In this case, the analog costs less and is produced as tadalafil. The original drug is produced in America and generic Cialis in India. The main active ingredient in the generic is tadalafil. Lactose monohydrate, sodium lauryl sulfate, magnesium stearate, talc, and dye are used as excipients. The tablet is coated with a shell.

Form of production – soft version of the drug (for swallowing), capsules (accelerated action time), gel form (accelerated action time), 10-40 mg tablets, blister (1 piece) contains 10 tablets. On the back, there is information about the expiration date and the composition of the drug.
If a man suffers from sexual impotence (no matter what form), it is worth buying generic Cialis. Tests in clinical conditions have shown that this remedy has high rates of effectiveness, regardless of the type of erectile dysfunction. India produces numerous popular and inexpensive generics of Cialis, which have been on the market for a long time and have proven themselves well.

Indian companies produce:
• Cipla Limited – Tadacip,
• Ajanta Pharma – Tadalis SX and Apcalis SX,
• Centurion Laboratories – Tadapox (in addition to Tadalafil, it also contains Dapoxetine).

These drugs are usually sold under the names Cialis Professional, Cialis Super Active, Cialis Soft, Cialis Daily
Generic Cialis 20mg drug has good reviews from customers who have taken the pills to solve potency problems. Good reviews its effectiveness even in severe cases. Of the negative reviews is poor compatibility with alcohol: the drug either worked with a delay of 2-3 times or had a headache, raised blood pressure, and redness of the face.

Neutral reviews refer to the time of action of the pills, on average 4-5 hours, this is not much and not little. But it is worth noting that eating after taking the drug can also reduce its effectiveness and the time of action. According to customer reviews, this drug can be rated at 8 out of 10. Generic Viagra copes with its main functions, the action is not long enough for intercourse.

Where to buy generic Cialis online and without a prescription?

Generic Cialis online can be bought in an internet pharmacy, for which you don’t even have to leave your home. Cialis is usually sold only with a prescription and after consultation with a doctor. In online catalogs among the products under this brand are not only tablets but also oral gels, jellies, which have a pleasant taste and act faster, getting into the body. Cialis is around $12.09, 96% off the average retail price of $304.44. This is quite a reasonable price for the drug if we consider that one dose is enough for a day and a half to have intercourse, achieving a stable erection. Pharmacies that sell Indian generics sell generic Cialis without a doctor’s prescription and send them in regular mail.

Why generic Cialis is cheaper than brand Cialis?

When choosing between generic Cialis from India and the original Cialis, many people prefer the cheap generic Cialis. The low generic Cialis price of the analog is explained by the fact that the company did not spend money on its invention, safety, and efficacy testing – one of the most expensive stages of drug production. After all, the creation of the active ingredient molecule is accompanied by unsuccessful variants.The cost includes excipients. In pharmacology, their purpose is to give form, to bind the main component.

These can be:
• magnesium stearate;
• corn starch;
• lactose monohydrate;
• silicon dioxide;
• aspartame;
• flavorings;
• colorants.

If the manufacturer manages to buy the raw material cheaply, exclude or change the component without loss of properties, it will be possible to sell the drug at a low price. Reducing the cost of a new drug helps to optimize the cost of taxes, reducing the cost of human labor. Often generic production is in India or China, where workers are paid less. But thanks to high-tech production, it is possible to maintain the high quality of the drug.

But the cost of a generic is not always lower than the original. If the manufacturer initially purchased expensive raw materials for production, increased costs for packaging and marketing, the final cost may exceed the reference drug.

Generic Cialis vs. generic Viagra

The drug with the most prolonged action (sexual arousal can last up to thirty-six hours). It is the most modern and perfect generic, which has no side effects. In its manufacture, the disadvantages that patients faced when using traditional Viagra were taken into account. Unlike Viagra, Cialis has a milder, longer-lasting effect that will help stretch sexual pleasure throughout the weekend.

Advantages of Cialis vs. Viagra:
• The fast-acting drug, starts working 30 minutes after taking it.
• Long enough action of about 5-6 hours, good potency.
• The substance is quickly eliminated from the body.

Benefits of Cialis:
• It starts working just as quickly, after 30 to 40 minutes and its activity is not dependent on food.
• The effect of Cialis lasts for about 36 hours (a whole night and the next day of sustained potency, provided some excitement).
• Cialis is compatible with alcohol.

The effectiveness of all inhibitors is the same. Some people find Viagra more attractive because of its quick and reliable effect, while others prefer Cialis because of its longer duration of activity. To get the right answer for sure when choosing a pill for potency, it is better to check the effect of both drugs.

Generic Levitra vs. generic Cialis

Cialis vs. Levitra: these drugs are similar in their main function – to increase erection and confidence in the upcoming intercourse. Cialis, Levitra are FDE-5 inhibitors, which selectively dilate the blood vessels of the penis, increasing its blood filling. As a result, the penis thickens and increases in size. All drugs are available in a convenient dosage form – tablets or jelly. The main similarities of the sexual dysfunction remedies are:
• Lack of action without natural sexual arousal.
• Drugs are taken before sexual intimacy in advance.
• The breakdown of drugs is due to liver enzymes, so when there is a pathology of this organ, taking any drug is dangerous.

Also common to Cialis and Levitra are some contraindications to use:
• simultaneous reception with drugs that include nitrates, nitric oxide donators;
• Hypersensitivity to the active components;
• female gender;
• underage age;
• the trauma of the penis;
• cardiovascular, hepatic, renal insufficiency;
• co-administration with indinavir, erythromycin.

Both Cialis and Levitra are available mainly in the form of tablets. These drugs belong to the group of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. To put it as simply as possible, the active ingredients in the tablets allow for a better supply of blood to the genitals and retain it there longer. This is what allows you to restore a stable and strong erection.

Myths about generic Cialis

There are some myths that are connected with generic Cialis. Some men consider that it is able to cure erectile dysfunction but this is wrong. Erectile problem can be caused by some psychological problem or stress and should be removed from the life of the patient otherwise the same problem appear again.

Opposing to common belief, Cialis doesn’t increase sexual desire of the person and sexual stimulation is required to get the desired effect. It is better to take measures as soon as possible when the problem occurred. If you are not able to buy Cialis it is quite affordable to order Cialis online and get pleasure from your intimate life.